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About Us

Chhetry & Associates, P.C., a full service law firm, has taken pride in providing first-class representation for its clients since 1987. The Firm’s main office is located in midtown Manhattan, and the Firm maintains branch offices in Downtown Manhattan-Chinatown, Texas, and in Nepal. Our Firm is known for its expertise in Immigration and Nationality Law, but also provides excellent legal service in the fields of Personal Injury, Business Law and Contracts, Workers’ Compensation, Bankruptcy, Energy and Infrastructure, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, and Commercial and Civil Litigation.

At Chhetry Law, our highly experienced team of attorneys and staff members, led by its founding partner Mr. Khagendra Gharti-Chhetry, use their extensive knowledge of State, Local, and Federal Laws, including case law that particularly affect our clients’ interests, to achieve excellent results for our clients. Over the years, we have prided ourselves on providing sound, cost-effective, caring, professional, and timely legal service to our clients. In addition, we provide dedicated and knowledgeable legal services to our local and international clients in the area of cross-border investment, international banking, international trade and international litigation.